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   "Home Business Tax Savings, Made Easy!"

Don’t let appearances deceive you. This looks like “just a book,”
    but it is the only complete "plain English," step-by-step guide to
    home-based business tax deductions authorized by Congress.
    This powerful, yet easy to read guide will introduce you to big tax
    breaks available to home-based business owners, exactly how to
    qualify for them, and how to easily keep bullet-proof tax records.

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Foreword by Robert G. Allen

                        The average home-business owner is overpaying his or her taxes by
                         at least $100 a WEEK because of what they don't know. "Information
                         is power, but lack of information is expensive!"

                                       NOT knowing this information, 
                        costs the average taxpayer $3000 to $6000 per year
                                             in OVERPAID TAXES.

                          Author Ronald R. Mueller, MBA, Ph.D., former investigative journalist,
                          spent a full year identifying dozens of tax deductions passed by
                          Congress for the specific purpose of encouraging home-based
                          businesses.  Then he traced each to the precise law, article in the
                          Tax Code or Tax Court Ruling that authorized it

                          But he says the most important aspect of his work was “translating the
                          convoluted language of the Federal Tax Code into ‘plain English’ that
                          the average person can easily understand and quickly use.” His ‘translation’
                          skills were validated when the IRS, after evaluating the book, didn’t require,
                          or even request, even a single change.

                          The conversational writing style, use of humor, and reader-friendly layout,
                          make this book a “quick read, with a powerful impact.”

Robert G. Allen,  NY Times #1 bestseller, says:

"Everyone with a home-based business needs Ron Mueller’s book. 
Anyone without a home-based business needs it even more! 
All of my own businesses are based in my home for the very reasons
Ron so clearly describes."

Richard Paul Evans, NY Times #1 bestseller, says:

"No one should even think about starting or running a home-based
business without first reading Ron Mueller’s incredibly valuable book.
Ron is the only home-business tax expert author allowed to coach at
my Five Lessons Institute."
This book is for YOU, if you are…  
                1.  Making a profit in your home-based business, or
                    2.  Not making a Profit in your home-business, or  
                    3. Think you can’t afford to get into a HBB, or    
                    4. Thinking about quitting your HBB, or    
                    5. Heard it before, but need a Refresher, or    
                    6. Have heard something about tax breaks for Home-Based       
                        Businesses, but have no idea what they are. 

Get Ron Mueller's easy step-by-step guide NOW!


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     PRINTED 7th Edition
      $37.95 plus S/H

         EBOOK Version 7th Edition
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