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​The #1 cause of “unclaimed” tax deductions for small-business owners, I simply. “Oh, I forgot about
that one.”  That little “oops” could cost you hundreds – or even thousands! – in legally-deductible
expenses.  Your tax-preparer’s job is to produce legal and accurate tax returns for you – not to remind
you of deductions you forgot to tell him or her about.  This “Memory Jogger” is an alphabetical listing
of dozens of deductions that may apply to some taxpayers, some of the time.  If this list “jogs your
memory about just one deduction you would have otherwise forgotten about, it could easily more than 
pay for this entire Tax REFUND MAXIMIZER.   

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​REDUCING Your TAXES to the Legal Minimum REQUIRES YOU to:


▪ Be AWARE of the SPECIAL Deductions for SMALL-BIZ owner

▪ Understand HOW to USE them to your BEST ADVANTAGE
▪ Know what it takes to QUALIFY for each one
▪ Keep the “RIGHT RECORDS”
▪ Know what “right records” MEANS
▪ Even be able to “Reconstruct” lost, missing or incomplete records

One of your biggest tax deductions may be in your ignition!  Yes, business-use of your personal
vehicle(s) can be worth thousands in tax-deductions, year-after-year.  But here’s the deal.  A vehicle- use log takes maybe 4-5 seconds to fill out – but almost no one does it.  That’s why this deduction is one of the most often deductions lost in an audit.  Not because you don’t deserve it, but because you
didn’t keep the required records.   This Tax REFUND MAXIMIZER will solve that problem for you.

Many sales companies, especially network marking and direct sales, require their distributors or
“independent sales associates” to purchase a specified amount of the company’s products for
either personal use or retail sales.

      ▪ What if it IS deductible, but you didn't claim it?  You would lose out on some BIG tax deductions.     
      ▪ What if it is NOT deductible, but you did claim it?  That could be very costly in a multi-year audit.
WHICH ANSWER IS CORRECT?  It could have a huge impact on your tax refunds.
          This Special Report might be a big eye-opener!

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OTHER OPTIONS (not recommended, but available)


​​​​How to RECONSTRUCT 2021 Tax Records Lost, Missing or Incomplete (but IRS-required) Tax-Deduction Records - ​Legally!

Memory Jogger for possible Tax-Deductions for 2021.

Never Lose a deduction "because you forgot" to claim it.

2021 IRS-Compliant Vehicle-Use Log

Never lose Vehicle-Use Deductions just because your records aren't what an auditor might expect.

BONUS - 2022 IRS-Compliant Vehicle-Use Log

​Is 'Autoship' or 'Monthly-Minimum' Purchase Requirements Deductible?

This question has plagued the direct sales and network marketing industries for years.

(It's TAX-DEDUCTIBLE, which will bring your after-refund cost down to only $64 or so!)

​​​​​“WINDFALL Tax-Savings APPROVED for Small-Business Owners” Tax-Year 2021

Professional PRINTED & BOUND Edition  

“WINDFALL Tax-Savings APPROVED for Small-Business Owners” Tax-Year 2021
Immediately Downloadable PDF version of the exact same book.

You and I both know that we have some perfectly-legitimate business tax deductions for which (come on,
admit it) you do not have the kind of documentation an auditor would want to see to “prove” some of them. 

Don’t stress over whether to lose the deduction or to “take a chance.”  There is a much better third option – to “reconstruct” some of those lost, missing or incomplete records after-the-fact. That may sound impossible
or illegal, but trust me, it is neither.

The “TAX-REFUND MAXIMIZER” includes a step-by-step process that is approved by the IRS to use
“old records” to produce legally acceptable records for prior years.

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This annually-updated book has been the small-business 

owner’s “bible” for more than two decades and counting!
In it you will learn ALL of the BIGGEST tax deductions
available to small and home-based business owners.


The tax deduction amount for vehicle use changes each year.  THIS is the one you will want for 2022.

Whenever and wherever you travel with your laptop, this
important tax-savings guide travels with you so that you never          miss out on a single, legitimate, tax-savings opportunity