Are YOU being Targeted?

    (a) Is your business a Sole Proprietorship or an LLC? (i.e., NOT incorporated)
    (b) Do you report business income & expenses on an IRS “Schedule-C?”
​    (c) Has your business reported a Net-Loss for 2-or-more of the past 3 years?
                          If you answered YES to ALL 3, you
                          are ALREADY in their CROSS-HAIRS! 

​​​​​How DO you PROVE that you “INTEND” to DO
something you have NEVER DONE Before?

                 JUST A FEW LOGICAL STEPS:​

What to do NOW:
                   a:  Learn what criteria they will use to imply that you DON’T have Profit Motive. 
                   b:  Address (answer) each of those criteria, individually, in advance, in writing
                   c:  Be able to answer CORRECTLY to EVERY
 intentionally-intimidating question
                         they will be throwing at you.
At the Audit:
                   a:  Bring to the audit, every document and record they will be asking for.
                   b:  Let those documents and records (not you, verbally) answer (in writing)
                        each and every question they will be throwing at you.
Exactly HOW can you DO that?
                   a:  You must know
 in advance what Documents they will ask to see.
                   b:  You must know in advance what Intimidating Questions they will ask you.
                   c:  You must have precise, PRE-WORDED answers to every question they will ask
                        (and have then in writing, so you do not have to memorize answers to defend your deductions.
You may ask, “How do I DO all of that?”
It’s as EASY as A-B-C, and we’ve got you covered!

WE already KNOW
 (so YOU don’t have to):
                   a:  What RECORDS and DOCUMENTS they will ask you for,
                        which will let you show up to the audit prepared.
                   b:  The EXACT LIST of QUESTIONS they will ask you.
                        so you can walk in with prepared, written answers to ALL of them.

We already know, step-by-step, exactly how the audit will proceed.

                    a:  They will begin by asking if you have a Business Plan (so we’ll make sure you can say yes)
                    b:  They will then begin asking you a long list of intimidating questions
   ● If your answers are not satisfactory, you could
                                      lose ALL of your small-business deductions.

         ● FOR THAT REASON we will make sure you are armed
                                      with Solid
 ANSWERS to ALL of their questions.

SPOILER ALERT – Here’s HOW we will help you get ‘Audit-Proof’
You MUST be able to answer YES when asked if you have a BUSINESS PLAN, 
                 so, we will help you build a Business Plan – a special kind of Business Plan…
Your Special Kind of Business Plan will contain:
                  a:  A format that will exactly match the “sample” Agents have been told to look for,
                  b:  Solid Answers to ALL of their list of Audit Questions, and ( GET THIS!!! )
                       Your answers will be built into the text of the plan itself!
                  c:  PLUS, your business plan will Convince an Auditor that you DO have a “Profit-Intent”
                       by stating exactly HOW you will go about producing a profit soon. (Of course, we will
                       help you develop your “plan of action.”)

                 ● YOU will not personally have to answer ANY of their questions, because
                    YOUR ANSWERS will be BUILT-INTO the text of the PLAN itself.

                 ● Every time they ask you ANY of their questions, YOUR RESPONSE will be,
                    “The answer to that is directly addressed right here in my business plan."

                 ● Your claim that you “intend to become profitable” will become believable
                     based on your plan of action built-into your business plan.

                 ● Your audit could very well turn out to be a short one.

​                 ● We call this your 

Your DIY "Audit-Defense Business Plan" 
includes ALL OF THIS:

  ●  Fill-in Templates for producing your three-part DIY
      Business Plan, Financial Comparisons, and Action Plan.

  ●  Step-by-Step Guidance for each of the three steps.

  ●  How-To Questions about  filling-in the templates
      answered with live customer assistance for the next 60 days.

  ●  Final step, we will Personalize, Customize and professionally
      Format your Audit Defense Business Plan.

​  ●
If your tax return for the year of this Business Plan, is ever subject
      to an IRS audit, you may request a free 20-min, 1-on-1, Private,
      “Audit-Prep” Coaching Session
by phone with Dr. Mueller. He will
      help you MAXIMIZE your ability to WIN your audit.

EVEN IF both (a) and (b) above apply to YOU,
YOU do NOT need to be a VICTIM of this AUDIT-TRAP!
You CAN either AVOID an Audit, OR, at the very LEAST,
PROTECT Your DEDUCTIONS when you ARE audited!

There may be a HIGH COST if you attend an audit
WITHOUT an Audit-Defense Business Plan.

True Story of Raymond’s Audit Disaster

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WHY are they targeting SMALL-BUSINESS OWNERS?

Audit rules:  Your business MUST report a profit OR be able to PROVE you
are TRYING to make a profit. HOWEVER…

    (a) Many Small Business Owners (SBOs) have Not Reported a Profit for 3 or more years,
    (b) Most of them Cannot PROVE they are Working TOWARDS making a Profit,

​​TAXPAYER ALERT for Small-Business Owners
​New AUDIT-FOCUS will be:
Small-Business Owners who have 
​Reported a LOSS in 2 or more years!

​( If that is YOUR business… do NOT stop reading! )