1. Click on Username/Password Reset button
2. Go check email (inbox and junk) for email with temp passord

     (example: sfH0VNei0HBSWOlT8t4vtA==)
3. Log into affiliate back office, update Profile with new password

Referral Rewards

(Affiliate) Program​​

What is the Referral Rewards Program?
When you tell others about our products or our website, and they come here and make a purchase, we think you should be rewarded
for that referral. That’s what we call our Referral Rewards Program, where you earn Affiliate Commissions.
After you sign up for our FREE Referral Rewards affiliate program, you will be assigned a unique Affiliate URL. This is a web site link
that sends your referral to our website via your unique affiliate link, and when that happens they automatically leave a “cookie” to let
us know they came as a referral from you. Every time that person makes a purchase – Either on that visit or any time later –you will
earn a Reward (commission) from that sale. The more products we sell to people referred by you, the more you will earn. 
Even if they come back and make a purchase months later, it credits the sale to the affiliate who is associated with that cookie.
This cookie stays active for 3 years, even if it remains inactive.   

How Much are the Referral Rewards?
​In most cases, between 10% and 20%, depending on                       
  (a) if it is our own product or one delivered by a 3rd-party, 

  (b) whether is sells at full retail or is on sale, and
  (c) what type of product it is. 
When are Referral Rewards Paid Out?
We pay every 60 days, on or about the 15th of each even numbered month (Feb, April, June, Aug, Oct, Dec.) for all  unpaid commissions totaling $50 or more, If your unpaid Reward balance is less than our $50 minimum payout amount,
your unpaid Rewards automatically “roll over” into to the next commission period. ​

Referral Rewards on personal purchases? 
Our Referral Rewards Program is designed to reward you for telling OTHERS i.e., your friends and contacts about our products and services. Therefore, Affiliate Commissions are NOT paid on YOUR OWN purchases for YOURSELF. (Any attempt to circumvent this
​rule will result in expulsion from the Referral Rewards program, and any earned-but-unpaid commissions will be forfeited.) 

Can I purchase a domain name (Website address) and have it forward to my affiliate link?
YES. If you purchase a domain name, the company that you purchased it through from will assist you in forwarding it to your affiliate link. 
(The one that was sent to you when you signed up.)  For example, you may resister the domain name www.SaveABunchOnTaxes.com. Once that domain address is connected to your unique affiliate link, when a referral types www.SaveABunchOnTaxes.com. into their browser is will take them to our website vial your (invisible) affiliate URL, thus giving you credit for the sales! 
Can I track my Referral Rewards Online?
YES, at any time, and we encourage you to do so. Log in to the Affiliate back office (Affiliate Member LOGIN, above) and see the commissions you have earned. Note: The system may take up to 24 hours to update new commissions.
If my Referral Rewards are small, do I lose them? 
NEVER. With some other affiliate programs, your commissions expire if you don't meet their payout requirement within a certain 
number of months, but Referral Rewards (commissions) you earn with us never expire.
What are you waiting for? 
After you complete the Affiliate Sign Up Form, you will receive an email with your new Affiliate ID, URL, and Login Username and Password.