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Referral Rewards (Affiliate) Program​​

     What is the Referral Rewards Program?
    Entrepreneurs like to help others, so you will, no doubt, refer information about this web site and our products and services         
    to people in your business and to your friends, relatives, colleagues and acquaintances. When people you tell about us,    
    make a purchase, we want to thank you – with cash!

     After you sign up for our FREE Referral Rewards affiliate program, you will be assigned a unique URL. This is a web site link
     that automatically tracks all purchases made by people who come to us via your unique URL. Every time someone visits our
     web site via your URL and makes a purchase, you will earn a Reward (commission) from that sale. The more products we sell
     to people referred by you, the more you will earn. 

    Think of your affiliate ID as a "tunnel" that marks those who pass through it with your ID number with what is referred to as a
     'cookie'. This way when they purchase a qualifying product, the system checks for a cookie and if it finds one, it credits the
     affiliate who is associated with that cookie. This cookie stays active for 3 years unless it is overwritten by another affiliate ID
     (they passed through someone else’s “tunnel”) or if the person clears out their browsers cookies. Because you earn affiliate
     Rewards through a cookie on your referrals computer, your affiliate link points directly to our web site. (As opposed to a
     unique web site assigned to your affiliate ID) Your contacts will NOT see your unique affiliate ID on the website. Do not be
     alarmed by this, you will still be getting credit for the sale via the browser cookie.

    How Much are the Referral Rewards?
​    For purchases of ALL VERSIONS of “WINDFALL Tax-Savings APPROVED for Small-Business Owners” we pay 20%
​    commission. Deeply discounted specials and short term introductory offers are not commissionable, nor are products
​    from ‘3rd-parties.”

    When are Referral Rewards Paid Out?
    Checks are cut every 60 days, on or about the 15th of each even numbered month (Feb, April, June, Aug, Oct, Dec.) for all

    unpaid commissions totaling $50 or more, accrued through the last day of the previous month.  If your unpaid Reward
    balance is less than our $50 minimum payout amount, your unpaid Rewards automatically “roll over” into to the next
​    commission period. ​

    Referral Rewards on personal purchases? 
    Our Referral Rewards Program is designed to reward you for telling others i.e., your friends and contacts about our products           and services. Therefore, Affiliate Commissions are NOT paid on YOUR OWN purchases.

    If someone originally came to your web site through my Affiliate link, HOW can I get credit for purchases they make?
    This is made possible by using "cookies" - small data files stored by the user's web browser for use by the web site that put it
    there. When your customer or business associate visits our web site using your Affiliate link, our domain will send their web
    browser a cookie to store this Affiliate tracking information. When the prospect becomes a customer and purchases an item
    through our Shopping Cart, the system checks for the Affiliate cookie. If the cookie is there, the Affiliate who originally referred
    him or her gets credit for the sale made. 

    Are "Cookies" really Safe?
    YES. Most if not all e-commerce sites use cookies. The only way an Affiliate might miss a Reward is if the customer deletes
    their cookie files (pretty rare) before coming to your Order Form, or if the original cookie gets overwritten by another Affiliate -
​    this happens only if the customer came back to our web site through another Affiliate's special URL.

    Can I purchase a domain name (Website address) and have it forward to my affiliate link?
YES. If you purchase a domain name, the company that you purchased it through will handle forwarding it to your affiliate link.
    (The one that was sent to you when you signed up) This will send visitors referred by you to the Home Business Tax Savings
    web site through your affiliate link, thus giving you credit for the sales! 

    Can I track my Referral Rewards Online?
YES. Log in to the Affiliate back office and see the commissions you have earned. Note: The system takes 24 hours to update
​    new commissions.

    If my Referral Rewards are small, do I lose them? 
NO. With some other affiliate programs, your commissions expire if you don't meet their payout requirement within a certain
    number of months, but with Referral Rewards (commissions) you earn with us never expire.

    What are you waiting for? 
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