Reasons to Book Dr. Ron Mueller for a 


Just about everyone who participates will learn how to qualify for enough
home-business tax breaks to put, on average, an extra $100/week extra cash 
in their pockets, week after week after week, starting immediately. 


When a prospect learns that Uncle Sam will let them  write-off all of their sign-up costs,
will let them write-off all of their operating  expenses, and will let them claim huge deductions
even before becoming profitable -- they join! 


Slam-Dunk CLOSING: 
When a prospect learns that if they do not have a  home-based business, every day they delay getting
one is costing them an average of $20.00 a day in overpaid taxes -- they join, and they join NOW!        


When a distributor understands that they can qualify for tax breaks that will slash their taxes by
up to $5,000 or more, but ONLY  IF they actively run their business and can prove they have a profit

intent they stay actively involved.         

The RESULTS You Can Expect...

When a prospect learns that Uncle Sam will let them write-off all of their sign-up  costs, 
will let them write-off all of their operating expenses, and will let them claim huge  deductions
even before becoming  profitable -- they join!  Recruiting rates will accelerate,
Closing ratios will increase, Retention will improve, and Prospects will sign-up.

​What Dr. Mueller will ‘Deliver’ for you:
We will grant you rights to record the presentation, 
and rights to unrestricted, royalty-free use of the recording.

We’ll provide you with information and materials in advance 
to help you generate maximum attendance.

Ron will do Live or Pre-Recorded “teaser call” to help 
generate interest, excitement and attendance.

Deliver a 60 (+/-) min presentation, customized for your group or audience, 
packed with practical, usable tax savings tips & tactics, and including a live Q&A session.

Prospects will sign-up

Associates will get more active

Recruiting success will accelerate

Now Let's Make it Happen! CLICK HERE and print out

the questionnaire to find out what information you will need to submit. 
When you have all the answers, come back and fill out the questionnaire. 

*Make sure you have at least 3 weeks to promote!

You will be asked specific dates and details about the event, 
confirm the types of attendees, what type of event you prefer.

After you submit the info, we will call you within 24-48 hours to
confirm the date and your booking option choice.

Questions: ​

I love doing PRIVATE tele-conferences and webinars IF DOING SO WILL help more home-business owners 
(or prospective home-business owners) understand and use the special tax-deductions available.    

I do not do them for the primary purpose of recruiting for your business that will probably happen, and I love helping 
you in that way. I do not do them for the primary purpose of helping you earn commissions, you will earn commissions 
on any sales I make due to your event. I do not do them for the primary purpose of selling my own products and services.

I will make an offer and some people will accept it, and some won’t. I have about 60,000 customers who all want 
“a piece of me.”  If I carve-out a piece of my “business day” or my evening family time to conduct a private tele-conference 
or webinar for you, or dedicate one to two full days to travel to your city to do a live event, I need some assurance from 
you that the time I invest in fulfilling your request, is well invested. That’s why I require a financial guarantee from you, 
and why I offer a financial incentive to you. 

Creating Tax-Smart Home-Business Owners,

Ron Mueller