This information can SAVE YOU more than $3,000 in taxes
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  The author has translated the convoluted language of the Tax Code, Congressional Laws, and Tax Court Rulings,
  into a “plain English” easy-to-read guide that introduces you to the BIGGEST of the many special tax deductions
  available only to small- and home-based business owners.  He also tells you exactly how to qualify for each
  deduction, and how to easily keep bullet-proof tax records.

 What RESULTS can you EXPECT?
In most cases, tax savings of an amazing $3,000 to $5,000 / year!

THAT’s how much you are currently OVERPAYING in taxes – 

just because you do not yet know what is in this book.


“Home Business Tax Savings, Made Easy! 

How to
WITHOUT using risky Tax Dodges & Loopholes​

Completely Updated 2016 EDITION


This book can be used independent
of other materials on this website,  
but it's primary purpose is to 
serve as
the tax-savings guidebook for the 

Self-Paced Learning Program,

“Crash Course in Home
​Business Tax Savings”

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Do You Have a PREVIOUS EDITION of this book?
Below are just some of the tax law changes passed by Congress in January 2016.

The new 2016 Edition covers all of them, and more, including…

                                          Vehicle-Use Deduction amounts      Amount you can pay your kids tax-free           Transportation Fringe Benefi

                                          Parking Fringe Benefit                        Medical Savings Accounts                                     Tangible Property Expensing

                                          Long-Term Care Premiums                50% Bonus Depreciation on Listed Property   Standard Deduction amount

                                          Itemized Deduction Phase-Out         Personal Exemption Rate                                     AMT (Alternative Minimum Tax

                                          Maximum & Minimum Tax Rates     Head of Household Deductions                          Earned Income Credit

                                          Lifetime Learning Credits                   Foreign Earned Income Exclusion                      Exclusion Amount for Estates 


Most home-business owners OVERPAY taxes by nearly $5,000 every year!
(that’s about $100 every WEEK)​
because of what they don't know.

"Information is Power, but Lack of information can be Expensive!"

NOT knowing THIS information, is COSTING the average small-business owner
to OVERPAY their Taxes by $3,000 to $6,000, Year-after-Year! 

"Home Business Tax Savings, Made Easy!" translates the convoluted language of the Federal Tax 
Code into ‘plain English’ that the average person can easily understand and quickly use. Dr. Mueller's 
translation skills were validated when the IRS, after evaluating the book, didn’t require, or even suggest, a single change. 

The conversational writing style, use of humor, and reader-friendly layout,
makes this book a “quick read, with a powerful impact."

Robert G. Allen, NY Times #1 bestseller, says:

"Everyone with a home-based business needs Ron Mueller’s book. Anyone without a home based business needs ​
       it even more! All of my own businesses are based in my home for the very reasons Ron so clearly describes."​

Richard Paul Evans, NY Times #1 bestseller, says: 
     "No one should even think about starting or running a home-based business without first reading Ron Mueller’s 
incredibly valuable book. Ron is the only home-business tax expert allowed to coach at my Five Lessons Institute."

This book is for YOU, IF YOU ARE… 
Making a PROFIT in your home-based business, or
NOT making a Profit in your home-business, or
Think you can’t afford to GET INTO a home business, or
Thinking about QUITTING your home-based business, or
Heard it before, but need a REFRESHER, or  
Have heard something about tax breaks for home-based 

but have no idea what they are.