FINAL 3 STEPS to making this happen: 

1. CHECK Ron’s availability


Pay Dr. Mueller’s normal $200 Professional Speaker’s Fee at time of booking,
and you will earn 20% of all net profits on sales of the “special” offered at the end of the call. 
         100% Refundable if event is cancelled with 20+ day notice.
         50% Refundable if event is cancelled with 10-20 day notice.

NOTE: An audience size of 50 -100 will nearly always produce 
         enough commission to reimburse you for the speaking fee. 

  - You pay no Speakers Fee, and you receive no commissions on sales. 
        - $50.00 deposit required, but it is fully refunded if 20+ callers attend.

3. Confirm Booking Information
Email: info@homebusinesstaxsavings
Phone: 888-411-7855



I love doing PRIVATE tele-conferences and webinars IF DOING SO WILL help more home-business owners 
​(or prospective home-business owners) understand and use the special tax-deductions available.   
I do not do them for the primary purpose of recruiting for your business that will probably happen, and I love helping 
you in that way. I do not do them for the primary purpose of helping you earn commissions, you will earn commissions 
on any sales I make due to your event.  I do not do them for the primary purpose of selling my own products and services

I will make an offer and some people will accept it, and some won’t. I have about 60,000 customers who all want 
“a piece of me.”  If I carve-out a piece of my “business day” or my evening family time to conduct a private tele-conference 
or webinar  for you, or dedicate one to two full days to travel to your city to do a live event, I need some assurance from 
you that the time I invest in fulfilling your request, is well invested. That’s why I require a financial guarantee from you, 

and why I offer a financial incentive to you. 

Creating Tax-Smart Home-Business Owners,
Ron Mueller

Book Dr. Ron Mueller for a WEBINAR or TELE-BRIEFING

Just about everyone who participates in this Special event will learn how to qualify for enough
home-business tax breaks to put, on average,  an extra $100/week extra cash in their pockets,
week after week after week, starting immediately. 


When a prospect learns that Uncle Sam will let them  write-off all of their sign-up costs,
will let them write-off all of their operating  expenses, and will let them claim huge deductions
even before becoming profitable -- they join! 


Slam-Dunk CLOSING:
When a prospect learns that if they do not have a  home-based business, every day they delay getting
one is costing them an average of $20.00 a day in overpaid taxes -- they join, and they join NOW!  


When a distributor understands that they can qualify for tax breaks that will slash their taxes by
up to $5,000 or more, but ONLY  IF they actively run their business and can prove they have a profit

intent they stay actively involved.         

The RESULTS You Can Expect... 

When a prospect learns that Uncle Sam will let them write-off all of their sign-up  costs, 
will let them write-off all of their operating expenses, and will let them claim huge  deductions
even before becoming  profitable -- they join!  Recruiting rates will accelerate,
Closing ratios will increase, Retention will improve, and Prospects will sign-up.

​What Dr. Mueller will ‘Deliver’ for you:

We will grant you rights to record the presentation, 
and rights to unrestricted, royalty-free use of the recording.

We’ll provide you with information and materials in advance 
to help you generate maximum attendance.

Ron will do Live or Pre-Recorded “teaser calls” to help 
generate interest, excitement and attendance.

Deliver a 60 (+/-) min presentation, customized for your group or audience, 
packed with practical, usable tax savings tips & tactics, and including a live Q&A session.

* Prospects will sign-up * Associates will get more active * Recruiting success will accelerate