Dr. Ron Mueller was inspired in 1999 to start his own home-based business, but became frustrated in his attempts
       to locate information, either in print or from CPAs, about small-business and home-business tax deductions -- a
       narrow category in the expansive tax code, but one potentially worth thousands of dollars to an entrepreneur or a 
       start-up company.

​       Ron Mueller drew upon his extensive knowledge of business and government, and his well honed skills as an 
       investigative journalist, to research and write the fully documented (yet easy for a layman to understand) book,
       now titled, “WINDFALL Tax-Savings APPROVED for Small-Business Owners.”

       More than 10-million Americans who run either full-time or part-time small or home-based businesses (half of all
       businesses in the U.S.) now finally have a resource that explains the special tax breaks approved by Congress
       to help American taxpayers to start and run their own businesses.

       Most entrepreneurs do not speak “IRS-ese” or “legal-ese,” so a huge value of Ron’s book is it’s the ONLY
​       'plain English’ step-by-step guide to small/home-based business special tax deductions authorized by Congress.

       Now in its 19th Edition, Ron’s best-selling book is helping tens of thousands of entrepreneurs understand and 
       qualify for deductions that are saving them thousands of dollars a year in taxes – sometimes just enough to
       financially survive the start-up period. Is Ron’s information accurate? “I am proud to say that the IRS has reviewed
       my book, and they did not request a single change.”

       RON MUELLER, who is now widely recognized as THE expert in small-business tax law and tax deductions, travels 
       throughout the United States introducing audiences of entrepreneurs and small business owners to huge tax 
       deductions they never knew existed - tax deductions that will save them each, on average, at least $3,000 to $5,000
       in taxes every year. When Ron delivers a keynote address to entrepreneurs, the tax savings, collectively, will average
       $5 million annually for every 1,000 taxpayers in the audience.
       For those in network marketing (the single largest category of home-based business) there is an extra bonus. Ron
       Mueller’s presentation also shows audience members how to use the information he presents to quickly accelerate
       their recruiting, to dramatically improve their closing ratios, and to significantly stabilize member retention. “When
       people understand the huge tax benefits of having their own successful business it takes on a very high priority.”

       Ron Mueller is a graduate of the United States Naval Academy, and has earned a Master’s degree from the
       University of Oklahoma, an M.B.A. from The American University, and a Doctorate in Business Economics from
       San Francisco Regent University. He previously had highly successful careers as a Senior Naval Officer and in 
​       International Marketing, Advertising, and Investigative Reporting.

       When Ron Mueller is not on a speaking tour he lives in San Diego, California aboard his 60-foot motor yacht, which
       is appropriately named “Home Office” – ​usually delivering weekly live online web briefings for small-business owners  
       from coast to coast.


   Dr. Ronald R. Mueller, MBA, Ph.D.