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1.  What Special Deductions are Available to part-time Small-Business Owners
2.  The Easiest ways to Qualify for Each One of them
3.  How to keep the All Required Records in Under 5 Minutes a day
4.  How to Audit-Proof your Business’ Tax Deductions
5.  How these Deductions can Increase your Pay-Checks by Hundreds
6.  How to Deduct Every Penny of Health Expenses for Every Member of your Family,
7.  How to Immediately Eliminate 20% of Taxes on Your Business Profits,
8. How to get Uncle Sam to Reimburse You the Total Cost this Course in 2 Weeks or Less!

approved SPECIFICALLY  for all

Up to $3,000 to $5,000 per year
Beginning THIS YEAR!

Your Course will Contain ALL OF THIS:


"Starting a Business & Keeping Records”
IRS’ rules for tax deduction recordkeeping are easy, but most small-business owners
don’t know what they are, and that can lead to big problems if an audit should occur.
This 23-page IRS “Publication 583” is INCLUDED with this Introductory Course

“TaxPAL Online Tax Deduction Recordkeeping System​”
30-day free trial. IRS Compliant Secure Online Tax Deduction Documenting System​.

INCLUDED with this Introductory Course

“Employer’s Tax Guide”
This 70-page IRS “Publication 15” provides official guidance on a wide variety of
questions small-business owners may have about their tax benefits and obligations.The full, unabridged version of Publication 15 is INCLUDED with this Introductory Course

#1.  "How to Set-up Your Small-Business 
​       RIGHT from the Beginning” 

This is a step-by-step “follow the yellow brick road”” guide to taking
 the small number of correct steps that will ensure that you don’t
overlook anything that could cost you dearly down the road. It
 takes less time to do it RIGHT in the beginning, than to “fix it” later.
This 40-page booklet INCLUDES:
            ▪ Why and How Home-Based Business get the Most Tax Breaks
            ▪ The 7 Biggest Deductions for Small-Business Owners
            ▪ How to Write-off Start-up Costs and Operating Costs
            ▪ How to make Recordkeeping a ‘Piece of Cake
            ▪ Five Steps for Setting-Up Your New Business RIGHT from the Beginning
            ▪ How to get an Official Employer Identification Number– for free
            ▪ How to Stay Off the IRS’ ‘Radar Screen’
            ▪ How to Audit-Proof Your Small-Biz Tax Deductions
            ▪ Three Steps that can Guarantee the Success of Your Business
ALL INCLUDED with this Introductory Course.

#2.  Here’s How to Qualify for the ‘Home Office’ Deduction
The “Business Use of Your Home” deduction (a.k.a., Home Office deduction)
is unique to home-based business owners. Most micro-businesses, even those with
a storefront “brick-&-mortar” location, can usually qualify for this deduction, worth
thousands in most cases. Here’s where you get step-by-step details.
INCLUDED with this Introductory Course.

#3.  How to get BIG Deductions when you Use your
​Personal Vehicle(s) for Business Purposes 

Some of the BIGGEST tax deductions for most small and home-based
business owners, are major tax benefits for buying, leasing and/or using
one of more personal vehicle(s) for business purposes. The excellent tax
benefits were even further enhanced by the 2018 Tax Cuts Act, now in effect.
​INCLUDED with this Introductory Course and ALL THE DETAILS.

#4.  2019 (IRS-approved) VEHICLE-USE LOG

Spending 5-10 seconds filling out this form each time you start your
ignition, produces, for most home-based business owners, some
$3,000 to $5,000 in tax deductions every year. Wait ‘till you see how
easy it is for a vehicle-use to quality as tax-deductible business-use.
INCLUDED with this Introductory Course.

​#5.  How to Accurately Adjust your Form W-4

IRS Form W-4 is the one-page form you fill out that tells your
employer how much of your hard-earned wages to withhold for
taxes, before you receive the leftovers – called Take-Home Pay.
You, like most American employees, probably have no idea how
important TO YOU this form is, or how often (and why) you should
review it. But you will, by taking this self-paced, fast-start crash-course.
INCLUDED with this Introductory Course.

#6. What if you have a Tax Question (or 2, or 6, or 10)?

If any tax questions pop up that are not fully answered in this course, you will
have direct access to the author, himself. You may ask an unlimited number of
tax questions, about an unlimited number of small-business tax topics for a
full thirty days

INCLUDED with this Introductory Course