“TAXES are Keeping Your Pockets EMPTY”   
      Most taxpayers have no clue how BIG their tax burden is until they see this five-minute eye-opener    
      proving  that nearly everyone pays more every month than theydo for housing, transportation, food and   
      healthcare COMBINED!   
     Once a person learns the truth, they’re suddenly more than willing to learn how a home-based business   
     can slash their taxes by thousands, beginning immediately.  Since they can accomplish that ONLY IF   
     they operate a home-based business, it is logical that they will ask you how they can get one started.     
Unlimited-Use of Link - included   



      This 40-page, 6x9” booklet is your ultimate all-purpose answer to a variety of recruiting, closing, activation
      and retention needs.  You will want to have several copies of this Quick Start Guide on hand at all times.
      Remember back on page 3 we learned that only 10-15% of networkers ever “treat their business like a
      business?” The very first day a new person joins your organization, you want them to read this short
      booklet because it will get them to think and act like a business owner from Day-1.
     FIVE Sample Booklets - included


  Part-time Home-Based Business NOW!
   This one-page handout offers at-a-glance 10 of the biggest tax-savings benefits available only to taxpayers       who operate a  part-time or full time small or home-based business.
   Feel free to hand out copies to quickly get people\asking you questions about tax benefits that you are
   already benefit from, but which they have just now heard about. This same flyer is included in your package
   as a PDF document so you can email  it to everyone you know  and lots of people you don’t even (yet) know. 
Immediate Download – included

  “Uncle Sam will to PAY YOU to Run a Home-Based Business!”  
     The title and cover of this handy brochure will quickly & easily get a conversation started about the    
     massive tax-savings value of operating one’s own home-based business. 
Right now, before doing    
     anything else
, take just a few minutes to read this short brochure, word for word, cover to cover.    
     Notice how quickly you could read and understand the powerful reasons why every taxpayer should    
     a operate a small business. This brochure is available in printed format, which is best if you are    
     physically with the prospect, and also as a PDF you can email for long-distance recruiting.   

    25 Printed Brochures – included   ​​


(and it’s 100% Tax-Deductible!)

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Current Step-by-Step PROCESS needs to be Examined – and CHANGED!

   Meet any stranger, easily and casually
                  Step-by-Step Guide for doing this is included
   Guide your “chat’ toward discussing home-business tax-savings
                  Step-by-Step Guide for doing this is included
   Quickly determine if this “new friend” meets your “Best-Prospect” Criteria
                  Defined in User’s Guide.
                          (a) The BEST Prospects will ASK YOU to help them GET INTO a HBB
                                They just asked you to recruit them!!!
                                Follow-through with them; then they’ll thank you for “your help”
                          (b) Those WHO DO NOT meet your “Best-Prospect Criteria”…
                                Politely disengage in conversing with them when comfortable to so do

    REPEAT STEPS 1 – 3, over-and-over again and again

​    YOU MAY QUALIFY FOR”  (2-pg Flyer)     

    This 2-page flyer is simply an alphabetical listing of 107 different deductions a small-biz owner may qualify
    for. The introduction states that no one will qualify for all 107, but everyone will qualify for some of them.
    YOU WOULD USE THIS FLYER to illustrate the wide range of expenses that may, under some
    circumstances, be deductible as business expenses by small-business owners. 
Immediate Download – included

  UNLIMITED Q&As for the NEXT 30 DAYS     

    You will want to reduce your taxes to the legal minimum, so go ahead and ask an unlimited number of 
    ​questions on an unlimited number of home-business tax topics for 30 days! Email questions to Dr. Ron     
​    Mueller and he will personally reply promptly.


   for Small-Business Owners in America”
     This “plain English” easy-to-read bestseller is authored by the #1 expert in small and home-based   
     business tax savings, Dr. Ron Mueller.  Now in its 20th edition, this tax savings guide has been reviewed   
     by the IRS, who did not request (or even suggest) a single change! This is THE authoritative guide to the   
     biggest tax deductions Congress has approved for small and home-based business owners.This is the  
 ‘bible’ of small-business tax deductions that will show you how to reduce your own taxes to the legal   minimum You may also, from time to time, loan it overnight to a prospect who asks you a question that   
is not answered in the other materials included in this package.
“Instantly downloadable so you can use   
 it immediately to begin slashing your taxes NOW.” 
20th PDF included   



and even
REVIVE formerly-active DOWNLINE


Let you STOP begging FRIENDS & FAMILY
AVOID ANY need to “PROMOTE” your Company, Your Products or Yourself
STOP having AWKWARD business discussions with STRANGERS (“cold market”)

HERE are the new “tools” that will make that Happen for You:

“GUIDE TO USING THE MLM Success System"  
    Print-out the Guide and review it carefully because this is the engine that “drives”    

the use of the recruiting tools to produce the best possible results for you.    
Immediate Download – included    

​  “The BIGGEST Tax Deductions in AMERICA”
    This audio recording, available on CD and as a MP-3 file, contains two tracks.  Track-1 is labeled
    “WHO gets the BIGGEST Tax-Breaks in America?”  The objective of this short, punchy audio is to get
     your prospect to want to know more – and want it now!
     Track-2 gives them exactly what track 1 left them wanting. It’s an 18-minute interview-format recording
     that takes the “sound bites” from Track-1 and makes them REAL.  The MP-3 audio file (Track-1 only)
     works perfectly as an email attachment, especially to a “cold market” person. It will get them to want to
     meet you so they can learn more.

     2 Sample CD’s in envelopes – included

New research Reveals Major Issues Hampering
Success in Network Marketing and Direct Sales.

But NOW that we know WHAT those issues ARE,
We can “FIX” what’s “BROKEN!”

​​Dr. Ron Mueller's ALL NEW Step-By-Step system to...

“…with a LITTLE HELP from UNCLE SAM…"​​​​

Let’s REINVENT the
MLM Recruiting &

Business-Building PROCESS​​​​

​​NEW GROUND RULES are needed:

   No more jumping on your family & friends on Day-1 – there’s a better way.
   No more rejection of your Company, Products, OR YOU by prospects – one small change will fix this
   No more discussing (not even identifying) your Company or Products in first meeting – there’s a better time for that

   No more awkwardness of talking business with “cold market” strangers – there’s a much better way!

   “WHERE TO BEGIN" Flyer  
    This 1-page flyer gives you is a creative way to say that small and home-based business owners get   
    a LOT of tax benefits! The title reads:
“Today‘s Google Search for the phrase ‘Small-Business Tax Savings   
​    Strategies’ produced 26.7 MILLION matches, which begs the question WHERE TO BEGIN?”
The text then   
    lists 10 that most small-biz owners can qualify for, that are easy to qualify for, that can produce significant   
    tax-savings, and that are not difficult to understand and put to use.  
At the bottom, we offer an actual, working email address for the Tax Savings Learning Center for   
   requesting more information about any of the 10 deductions. We will answer their question, of course, and     then remind them to get back to the person who have them the flyer, so they can get started in their home-    based business.These flyers, like the others included in this package, may be printed for you to hand-out    and/or to be sent as an email attachment for distance-recruiting.   
Immediate Download – included