This Brochure gives your prospect examples of specific (HUGE) tax breaks
that are
available only to home-business owners.  Deductions such as home-office deductions, business use of personal vehicles, employing their kids, deducting 100% of out-of-pocket health costs, and turning vacations into business trips. 

It tells them they can pay thousands less in ​taxes,

The brochure closes with a Warning:
"Every single DAY you delay starting a home based business,
will COST YOU about $20 in UNNECESSARY TAXES."  

Ships USPS Media Mail ( 1-3 weeks)

*  Ships USPS Media Mail ( 1 -3 weeks),
​charged separately
​based on weight and Zip Code

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Get These Powerful BROCHURES and
   Watch Your Recruiting and Closing Rates SOAR!

​​​​​ "Here, Read This.."
  When your Prospect is “sitting on the fence,” doubting whether he or she can be successful
  in your business or whether they can afford the costs of operating it, remind them that
  working a home-based business will also qualify them for some huge tax breaks,
which will, in    most cases, increase their take home pay by an extra $300 to $500 a month, just due to the
​  tax savings. 

To show them that these tax breaks are real, you say, “HERE, READ THIS” 
and hand them a copy of the brochure, called
"Uncle Sam will PAY YOU to Run a Home-Based Business!!"  
Tell them, "Be sure to read the last sentence."

BROCHURES are shrink-wrapped in 50s!​​