Craft Financial Solutions, LLC offers tax preparation and tax consulting throughout the 50 states and the District of Columbia. 

Dr. Ron Mueller explains:
                     Why Do I Recommend only One Tax Firm in the Entire Country?

We, at Home Business Tax Savings, Inc., strongly recommend that every small and home-based
business owner have their tax returns prepared ONLY BY a Tax Professional, and SPECIFICALLY

by one who is a Seasoned Expert in Home-Business Tax Law.  The one firm Dr. Mueller recommends
​is Craft Financial Solutions, LLC headed by JOE CRAFT, CPA/PFS, CFP who was the co-author of an earlier edition of Dr. Mueller’s book “Home Business Tax Savings, Made Easy!" – now in its 16th edition. 

Dr. Ron Mueller and Home Business Tax Savings, Inc.
for Small- and Home-Based Business Owners:
Craft Financial Solutions, LLC


   "For years, Joe Craft's firm has prepared all of my own Individual and Corporate tax returns    
(a) he is extremely knowledgeable about small and home-business tax law, (b) his price
    structure is more than fair, and (c) he is honest and dependable. I have known Joe personally
    for more
than 15 years, and I trust him personally and trust his tax advice explicitly.” 
Dr. Ron Mueller

It’s YOUR TURN to meet with Joe Craft & his Partners

and SPECIAL PRICING on Tax Services,


More about Joe Craft, CPA: Joe and his Partners are highly-regarded experts and trusted advisors in all areas of accounting and tax services.  His areas of tax expertise include, home-based businesses, entrepreneurs, direct-sellers, network marketers, authors, freelancers, and start-up companies of all kinds. Mr. Craft and his Partners in Craft Financial Solutions have decades of experience including high level positions in both large corporate and privately-held companies. Joe, himself,

has worked at Deloitte Haskins & Sells, Price Waterhouse, a large, regional CPA firm and is a former CFO for a major network marketing company.  He now heads Indiana-based Craft Financial Solutions, LLC, a full-service tax and accounting firm that also provides financial planning, real estate and gift planning, payroll services, bookkeeping, and a number of other financial-related services.   

Almost NO universities offering degrees in Accounting, Business or Law offer even a single mainstream course in small-business tax law, and even Continuing Education courses in this field are few and far between. 

Finding a really good small business tax pro is like finding a good and honest car mechanic. There are lots of them out there, but how do you find them?

I make very few referrals or recommendations to my clients and customers,
but when I do, it is always someone I know personally and whose services have used professionally. That’s why I am strongly recommending Craft Financial Solutions, LLC headed by JOE CRAFT, CPA/PFS, CFP.