Tax MiniMi$er™  
(8.5" x 11")  $47.​95

12 months of inserts included

Easy Recordkeeping with the
Tax MiniMi$er

Daily Diary Inserts    

    More than 30% of all eligible, legal tax deductible expenses
    are lost if the expenditure isn't recorded at the time the    
    expense is incurred. Because we forget. That could mean
    thousands of  dollars in lost deductions! You might think
    you can remember to record all of your deductible expenses
    but, as the cover of the Tax MiniMi$er™ says: 

   “A dull pencil remembers better than the sharpest memory.” 

   The Tax MiniMi$er™ fits neatly into your Daily Diary binder, making it easy and convenient
   to record your income, expenses and activities as they occur. 12 monthly inserts (with built-in    
   receipt pockets) fold-out to reveal a spreadsheet type layout with headings that will prompt you
   to record all the data required by the IRS to document your tax deductions. Another 12 monthly
​   inserts become your Vehicle-Use Log, also with built-in receipt envelopes.

   The Tax MiniMi$er™ works perfectly with the Record Keeping software.Carry your Tax MiniMi$er™ 
    with you all day, recording your business income and expenses as they occur. Then at the end of 
    the day (or end of the week) enter the information into your Recordkeeping software.
 It's fits neatly
    as an insert into your day planner and incoporates:

  • A Vehicle Use Log
  • An Expense Recorder with integrated Receipt Envelope
  • A Business Income register
  • A Tax-Deduction Spreadsheet with headings that prompt you to
    remember and record every imaginable type of tax deductible expense.


   The headings include the categories your tax pro will need
   to complete your tax return Schedule C. 

  • Check #   
  • Rented or Leased Equipment   
  • Cash or Credit Card     
  • Repairs & Maintenance    
  • Inventory Purchased for Resale    
  • Licenses & Business Taxes   
  • Advertising (including ‘samples')    
  • Travel & Lodging     
  • Capital Expense (for depreciation)   
  • Meals & Entertainment     
  • Business Interest Expense In-Home   
  • Office Expenses    
  • Legal & Professional Fees  
  • All Other Expenses   
  • Office Expenses & Supplies 

Watch and See the Value of the Tax MiniMi$er System for Yourself