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Tax Law Requires Documentation that Proves each Deduction is Legitimate,
BUT tax law does NOT require recordkeeping to be a time-consuming hassle.

NOW, with TaxPAL 
maintain bullet-proof Back-up Documents and Expense Records 
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iPhones, Androids, Tablets, iPads, PCs and Mac’s
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Mel Banfield 3-14-17

​Risk-Free Guarantee:
If you try TaxPAL by purchasing a 30-day $9.95 trial subscription,and are not happy with TaxPAL and wish to cancel,
we will REFUND your $9.95 ONLY IF you have actually TRIED the service by logging-in and entering data at least
FOUR (4) TIMES during your trial month.

If the home-business tax deductions you record in TaxPAL™ do not total at least $5,000 during a membership-year, 
we will refund 100% of your money
SMALL PRINT: Applies if you meet the 3 requirements of the IRS 
(i.e., work your business at least 3-4 hrs/wk; be able to prove a profit-intent, and keep all required records), 
AND if you enter your data into TaxPAL™ at least once per week.​​

*If you cancel your subscription within 30 days, you won't incur any additional charges.  
​After the 30-day trial you may still cancel, but you are responsible for charges already incurred prior to cancellation.


TaxPAL™provides you Regular Reminders to enter your data.
helps you  satisfy all three IRS requirements
​for home business deductions:

1. Show regular and consistent business activity.
2. Prove your intent to make a profit.
3.Keep all required records.

TaxPAL™ is Loaded with User Benefits:
Quick & Easy Explanations
Plain-English Definitions No legalese here!)
Recordkeeping Categories consistent with tax forms and schedules
Tax Code Citations for each Deduction
Annual tax savings projections
Reminders when tax payments & reports are due.
Create Customized Reports as needed, at any time
Dr. Ron Mueller's on-going Tax Education Program, which includes:
Video Tutorials covering the Big-6 home-business deductions
Live Q&A calls
Special reports on new tax-saving strategies
Frequent Live webinars
​Early-Alert newsletter "Tax Tips You Can Bank On"


​​Quickest and Easiest

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Tax Deduction Documenting System​

   Note: The $1 Trial and Reconstructing Records Bonus offer referred to at the end of this video has expired, but you can still get one for $9.95 with

money-back guarantee.